On August 19, 1885, early German immigrants in the Seattle area formed a physical fitness club called the Seattle Turn Verein. It was created as a social, educational and gymnastics club which had indoor gymnastics as a core activity. The group purchased and owned property in Seattle which they used for their club.

Salahie Emblem

During World War I, there were strong feelings against German related groups. So on July 15, 1918, the club was reorganized and incorporated under Sections 3740-3751, Remington's Revised Statutes, in the State of Washington, as the "Seattle Gymnastics Society". In the late 1920's, younger members of the club began skiing in the Cascade mountains.

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Our German Origins in the Turn Verein
Early Members
Members in the 1930s
Members in the 1940s
Members in the 1950s
Members in the 1970s
Early Skiing
Early Ski Tows
Early Lodges - Snoqualmie Pass
The Original Lodge of the 1930s
The Railroads
The Railroads Part II
Party On
The Ski Troops of WWII
Ski Clubs In Washington
Ski Racing 1930s - 1950s
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Silver Skis Races on Mt. Rainier
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Milwaukee Road Ski Bowl - 2013
Milwaukee Turn Verein
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Views from Sahalie Valley – 83 years apart
CarlMahnken - The First President
Sahalie Connection to the Winter Olympics
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Skiing In WWII
by John Lundin

In the spring of 1942, Seattle ski writers asked with the war going on, “what’s to become of skiing?” Many old guard skiers will be in the service, although some would continue skiing as members of mountain regiments. The rest will wonder how to get to the mountains with gasoline and tire rationing. Read on...

by Dave Galvin

We live and recreate in the corner of the globe which holds the world record for the largest snowfall (Mt. Baker Ski Area: 95 feet in 1998,99). Such snow accumulation often leads to snow sliding downhill unexpectedly, often with deadly results. How does this affect Sahalie skiers, snowboarders and snowshoeists? Read on...